The 3rd edition of iDEE 2021 (Hangzhou) International Digital Education Event focuses on the digitalization of education industry and its interconnection to the digital industry. It is characterized by internationalization, specialization and fusion. It is divided into "exhibitions, conferences, activities, and B2B meetings “ four major sections in order to explore the infinite possibilities of international digital education.
  • 2021iDEE will be held online and offline simultaneously, with domestic and overseas exhibitors invited to gather and share insights on digital education.

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Planning Concept of 2021 iDEE Exhibition Area, Future Campus Explore More Information on Exhibition Area
The division of the exhibition area takes the smart campus as a prototype to present a systematic and diverse smart education sector. Visitors would feel like walking into a campus when entering the exhibition area. Each functional area of the smart campus is combined with the exhibition contents. Visitors can experience the innovative achievements of educational science and technology and the education contents at home and abroad in real time in familiar areas such as "experimental building," "administrative building," "smart classroom" and "library." They can feel the collision of inspiration and the combination of science and technology, so that future education is no longer just an imaginary "blueprint."

Achievements exhibition area

Display of the teaching achievements of 11 municipal education bureaus.

Interactive experimental building: digital education equipment exhibition area

The digital education equipment exhibition area will display the digital education hardware ranging from the classroom to the whole campus. Visitors can interact with teaching objects to experience a more convenient study assisted by science and technology. This hardware has become a good helper for learning as well as teaching and research.

Administrative building: campus management solution area

The campus management solution area will include exhibitors who provide campus management services. The campus will be improved through three steps: smart classroom solution, smart campus network, and smart campus construction.

Digital library: digital education content exhibition area

In the digital education content exhibition area, rich and diverse digital education resources will be displayed. The answer will be found here on how to help students absorb interesting knowledge, understand difficult problems and maintain creativity at a faster speed.

Digital teaching building: digital education technology exhibition area

The digital education technology exhibition area contains all kinds of auxiliary teaching software and applications to improve efficiency, help data analysis, and share resources in the teaching process. Digital education technology will help teachers attach importance to every student in a scientific and reasonable way.

International exhibition area

As an international education exchange platform, the international exhibition area brings together overseas education exhibitors who will display rich digital education content and bring excellent international teacher resources.

FAQs for Exhibitors

1. As a new exhibitor, what are the procedures for participating in the exhibition?

Once you decide to participate, we will send you our booth application form and activity forum application form by email. You need to fill it out within the time limit and email us to feedback your participation information. At the same time, you will get an exhibitor's manual, which contains a lot of useful information about the exhibition. If you have any questions about this, please consult according to the contact information in "Contact Us" below.

2. Online preview

2.1 What is online preview?

Online preview is to display exhibitors' projects on iDEE's website in advance. At that time, you will get a page dedicated to your company, where you can add logo, company introduction, product information, etc. This information is likely to be the starting point for you to establish contact with the buyer.

2.2 What are the benefits of online preview?

Now, more and more buyers are using our website to preview products and find potential suppliers. Your online profile is essential to help you attract the first buyers. High quality visual content can bring more interest to buyers.

2.3 What if the details in my profile are wrong?

You can modify any content you upload at any time. If the information (e.g. your company name, address, telephone, fax, website link) is incorrect, please fill in the "change contact information" form in the exhibitor area.

2.4 What should be included in my company description?

Your company description should inform the customer of the company's basic information and contact information. Use short sentences to clearly describe your company and products. You can mention any awards you have won and how you will help your customers. 

2.5 When is the best time to upload content to my online profile?

After receiving the login details of the exhibitor area, you should upload the content as soon as possible. Online preview is open all year round for buyers to view. Therefore, the sooner the content is uploaded, the more attention you will get from the buyer and contacted through the contact information on your personal data. 

2.6 Who should I contact if I have any questions about the exhibitor's marketing plan?

Please contact us through the contact information provided by us, and we will answer your questions in the first time.

3. Conference journal

The conference journal is the matching product for special meeting. It has a pre-conference journal and a post-conference journal. The pre-conference journal generally plays the role of convening, publicity and exposure. The post-conference journal generally plays the role of summary, evaluation, awards and follow-up publicity.

3.1. Who will receive our journal? 

All exhibitors and guests present at the exhibition site will receive our journal. If the audience needs the journal, they need to purchase it from the organizing committee. 

3.2. How can I ensure my company is included in the exhibition guide? 

Your company information and forum information will be obtained from your online profile.  Please make sure that you have completed this operation by the deadline. 

3.3. How to advertise in the "display guide"? 

You can get our advertising packages and check out the specific cooperation methods by contacting our official accounts. 

4. Exhibitor manual and operation

4.1. How do I get an online exhibitor manual? 

The organizing committee will arrange staff to distribute to each exhibitor. If you do not receive the exhibitor manual, please contact the organizing committee staff to obtain the electronic version. 

4.2. I have been to other exhibitions before. Do I still need to get the exhibitor manual? 

It does need, the requirements for each exhibition are different, and the requirements for this exhibition are detailed in the exhibitor manual. 

4.3. I already have insurance. Do I need to buy additional insurance from your place? 

The insurance mentioned in the exhibitor's manual refers to the types of insurance that the construction company needs to purchase to ensure the safety of personnel during the construction period. For the specific situation of the type of insurance, you can contact the insurance company designated by the conference. If the construction enterprise does not purchase the insurance, it is strictly prohibited to enter the site. 

4.4. What is the maximum height that I can build the support? 

The maximum weight of exhibits shall not exceed 4.5m as the case may be. Please note that the load-bearing capacity of the 3B and 3C pavilions shall not exceed 1.5t per square meter. Any damage to the ground of the pavilions shall be compensated. 

4.5. Can I install the drill on my own support? 

No drilling, cutting and other operations are allowed in or out of the exhibition hall. If necessary, the equipment can be installed in advance and then entered the exhibition hall. If the equipment is uniformly configured by the conference, it is strictly prohibited to carry out any operation that causes damage to the exhibition equipment, and compensation shall be made if any. 

4.6. When can I get my exhibition permit? 

One to two days before the official launch, contact the relevant staff of the organizing Committee to sign in at the registration office of the conference. 

4.7. What safety measures do you provide to ensure the safety of my products? 

The conference is equipped with 24-hour security service and all-weather video monitoring. 

4.8. Can I park at the venue? 

Self-driving to the exhibition hall can enter the underground garage through gate 3 of Hangzhou international Expo center for parking. 

According to the situation, the vehicles for transporting exhibits can be divided into large-scale exhibits and small-scale exhibits. For large-scale exhibits, please contact the main service company of the conference in advance to collect the truck license and arrive at the unloading area of the exhibition hall through gate 5 of Hangzhou International Expo Center. For small-scale exhibits, it is recommended to go to the underground garage through gate 3 to bring the exhibits into the exhibition hall; 

No parking is allowed in the exhibition hall. If the display vehicle needs to be reported to the home service company of this exhibition one day in advance, the vehicle needs to obtain the vehicle license and consume the oil below the red line before entering the exhibition hall for display. 

4. How can I sign up for the same forum and activity?

All the friends who register as the audience from the website can be the audience of the forum activity.