Tsinghua University recently announced the "Regulations on postgraduate training for master's degree"

Release Time:2021.03.29       Source:iDEE Official Accounts

According to media reports, Tsinghua University recently announced the "Regulations on postgraduate training for master's degree" revised by the 9th academic conference of the 2020-2021 academic year. The regulation confirms that the publication of academic papers is no longer a prerequisite for applying for master's thesis defense or obtaining a master's degree.

The regulations of Tsinghua University are undoubtedly based on the status quo of postgraduate training in the university, but it is also enlightening to judge the relevant situation of other universities and the whole postgraduate. In the early years, seven universities, including Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Foreign Affairs College, Agricultural University of China, Central University of Finance and economics, Peking University of Language and Technology, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, have removed publishing papers from the prerequisites of graduation or obtaining a master's degree or must publish papers after graduation, breaking this inappropriate regulation first.

With the popularization of general higher education, the learning of postgraduates is more and more characteristic of advanced training. In the first decade or two after the resumption of the college entrance examination, the scarcity of high-level talents has raised people's expectations for postgraduates. At that time, every university used a considerable part of even the most important resources for the cultivation of postgraduates. In addition, many graduate students do live up to the expectations of the public. They have become the backbone of the "small talents and great use" position, and some even become the backbone of a generation. To adapt to the overall level and situation of the academic circles at that time, it is equivalent to the allocation of educational resources and the effect it should produce. It seems not too much to stipulate that the prerequisite for postgraduates to apply for a degree or graduate is to publish a thesis.

This rule seems to be out of date at present. The most important thing is that this kind of regulation not only does not match and adapt to the current goal of postgraduate training and the proportion of higher education resources occupied, but also is divorced from the academic environment and social reality of postgraduate students themselves. In terms of the overall level of China's academic circles, the general level of postgraduates is no longer suitable to occupy the scarce academic journals and other resources. The establishment of such a standard does not reduce the training level of postgraduates, but is the result of the improvement of academic standards and the scarcity of academic resources.

The more realistic situation is that under the precondition of not being able to obtain a master's degree or not being able to graduate, many graduate students have to "take the lead" to piece together their dissertations, and then find a way to rely on relationships, or even bribe those who control academic resources for publishing articles. As a result, they not only corrupt the academic environment, but also take the wrong first step into society. Many people are aware of the abnormal phenomena caused by the preconditions for postgraduates to obtain a degree or graduation. Obviously, it is not enough to abolish this and other untimely regulations. 

Abolishing the precondition that postgraduates can not obtain a master's degree or graduate without publishing papers will not reduce the training level of postgraduates, nor change the established training objectives of postgraduates. It's like getting rid of "thesis only". In fact, it helps to improve the level of thesis.