Planning Concept of 2021 iDEE Exhibition Area, Future Campus

The division of the exhibition area takes the smart campus as a prototype to present a systematic and diverse smart education sector. Visitors would feel like walking into a campus when entering the exhibition area. Each functional area of the smart campus is combined with the exhibition contents. Visitors can experience the innovative achievements of educational science and technology and the education contents at home and abroad in real time in familiar areas such as "experimental building," "administrative building," "smart classroom" and "library." They can feel the collision of inspiration and the combination of science and technology, so that future education is no longer just an imaginary "blueprint."

Achievements exhibition area

Display of the teaching achievements of 11 municipal education bureaus.

Interactive experimental building: digital education equipment exhibition area

The digital education equipment exhibition area will display the digital education hardware ranging from the classroom to the whole campus. Visitors can interact with teaching objects to experience a more convenient study assisted by science and technology. This hardware has become a good helper for learning as well as teaching and research.

Administrative building: campus management solution area

The campus management solution area will include exhibitors who provide campus management services. The campus will be improved through three steps: smart classroom solution, smart campus network, and smart campus construction.

Digital library: digital education content exhibition area

In the digital education content exhibition area, rich and diverse digital education resources will be displayed. The answer will be found here on how to help students absorb interesting knowledge, understand difficult problems and maintain creativity at a faster speed.

Digital teaching building: digital education technology exhibition area

The digital education technology exhibition area contains all kinds of auxiliary teaching software and applications to improve efficiency, help data analysis, and share resources in the teaching process. Digital education technology will help teachers attach importance to every student in a scientific and reasonable way.

International exhibition area

As an international education exchange platform, the international exhibition area brings together overseas education exhibitors who will display rich digital education content and bring excellent international teacher resources.