2020(Hangzhou)International Digital Education Event & International Digital Education Summit
Digital empowerment of future education
Director General,Education Bureau of Wenzhou
Zheng Jianhai
Building a future oriented regional digital education public service system -- Based on the practice and thinking of Zhejiang Province
Director General,Education Tecnology Center of Zhejiang
Wang Huijun
The furture belongs to creators
GRIB Founder/CEO
Pouria Kay
Intellectualization of Chinese subject
Director General Research Center for Language Intelligence of steate Language Commission
Language Intelligence Commission of China Association Artifical Intelligence
Zhou Jianshe
Opening speech
Opening speech
The Education and Science Counselor(Embassy of Finland in Beijing)
Mari-Anna Suurmunne
Opening speech
President of Hangzhou Daily Press Group
Dong Yue
Opening speech
Deputy Director General,Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce
Jin Huanguo
Opening speech
Deputy Director China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Zhejiang Province Committee
Wu Lifen
Opening speech
Deputy Director General,Zhejiang Province Department of Education
Chen Feng
How will Edtech lead to the change of learning ecosystem?
Challenges in the Internet Age and The reform of school management
Principal of Hangzhou Xuejun primary school
Zhang Junlin
Case sharing
Deputy director,Education Bureau of Yuhang District
Zhou Baoyang
Introduction and application of Education Digital Resources cloud service platform
Education Tecnology Center of Zhejiang
Zhao Chuan
Digital technology helps the development of education in Zhejiang
Vice president of Alibaba business department
You Xian
Opening speech
Deputy director,Education Tecnology Center of Zhejiang
Mo Shirong
Keynote speech
Principal of Hangzhou Tianchang primary school
Lou Zhaohui
Keynote speech
Pro Chancellor of RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou
Stuart Walker
Keynote speech
Tang Shuming
Opening speech
General manager of Zhejiang Huamei Holding CO.,LTD
Zhang Jianjiu
2020 (Zhejiang) Artificial Intelligence Education Forum
Application and practice of artificial intelligence teaching in primary school
Principal of Luming primary school
Zheng Meihong
Keynote speech
Keynote speakers
Xiang Jibin
Development and application of artificial intelligence curriculum resources
Director of future artificial intelligence education research center,Intelligence Furture
Tu Jing
Information technology curriculum and artificial intelligence in Zhejiang Province
Professor,Education Tecnology Center of Zhejiang
Wei Xiongying
Keynote speech
Vice principal of Gaozhao experimental school
Yu Jia
Opening speech
Head of teaching and Research Group,Hangzhou Shengli Experimental School
Yu Guogang
Keynote speech
Professor of Beihang University(Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Xiong Zhang
Keynote speech
Senior manager,SoftBank Robotics
Ma Qianlin
Opening speech
Zhejiang Province Department of Education
Lan Jinjin
Lifelong learning:Integration of production and education
Keynote speech
Co-chair of China UK Vocational Education Cooperation and Development Committee
Huang Yahui
Keynote speech
Principal of Hangzhou Renmin Vocational School
Jin Weidong
Keynote speech
Vice President of China Prospect Education
Ding Xiaohui
Keynote speech
Deputy Director of Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Ding Mingjun
Keynote speech
Keynote speaker
Keynote speech
Deputy Direct of Zhejiang Education Science Research Institute
Cheng Jiangping
Opening speech
Chairman of Zhejiang Mechanery and Electrical Group Co., Ltd.
Xie Ping