What insights and reflections do educators have in the face of 2021, an important time node?

Release Time:2021.04.09       Source:iDEE Official Accounts


2020 is a transformative year for the education industry. The sudden epidemic has brought huge traffic dividends to online education, and also pushed offline education to embrace online technology. The large-scale application of educational technology has led to the change of educational format and educational pattern. In the new situation, opportunities and challenges coexist. What insights and reflections do educators have in the face of 2021, an important time node?

On March 31, the 17th issue of future-star education online salon invited four guests, namely Bai Yunfeng, Chairman and President of Tal Group, Bao Chunjian, founder and CEO of Gosling, Luo Jian, founder and CEO of spark thinking, and Zhang Yi,founder and CEO of leader education, to jointly review the changes in the education industry in 2020 and explore new opportunities under structural change and new possibilities under the integration of education technology.

一、Rethinking 2020

Luo Jian: behind opportunities may be traps.

The epidemic has brought a big challenge to offline education how to survive in such a special period. How to survive in a special period. For online education companies, the epidemic provided them with opportunities, but the seemingly beautiful opportunities may be  big traps. After all, one single enterprise doesn't have the ability to control everything. The recent policy also gives online education companies an opportunity to press the pause button to think about what our essence is, what we should do next, and what direction we should go.

Bao Chunjian: make a good connection between Internet and education.

The education industry is still very different from the Internet. Educational enterprises stick to the essence of education and be responsible to children. At the same time, education enterprises also bear the responsibility of enterprises, with the pressure of management level and the expectation of investors. As the technology provider, we think more about making tools better and providing more convenience for the education industry.

In the past year, Gosling has faced more and more online demands and a growing number of users. We began to reflect on our product positioning and customer groups. Finally, we return to the fact that we are a group of "Internet people" and are doing "Internet plus education". Education is a very deep and professional thing, and the Internet brings new possibilities for the development of education by providing the ability to connect people. What Gosling does is to provide tools to greatly improve the efficiency of the combination of the Internet and educational scenes. In the future, I hope we can have a deeper understanding of your needs, make the products really helpful to you, and promote the connection between the Internet and education.

Bai Yunfeng: use microscope and telescope well.

2020 is not an easy year for the whole education industry. There are a large number of small, medium and micro enterprises in the education industry. Many enterprises are struggling because they are unable to hold classes offline, and online education enterprises are not all online education enterprises are facing the favorable side.

Managers of an enterprise should do more cross-border thinking as soon as possible, and make good use of "microscope" and "telescope". To make good use of the "microscope" is to see the changes and details within the enterprise; to make good use of the "telescope" is to see some irreversible changes in the industry.

二、Insight into different tracks

Luo Jian: Enlightenment track is an open discussion topic.

Enlightenment track is not a multiple choice question or fill in the blanks, but an open discussion question. Now this track has games, small class live class, AI interactive class, and hardware. Because of its openness, there are various modes in the track to serve children and parents. Because there isn't strong demand, and children are not born with strong self-discipline and learning ability, so in order to grasp the children, we must do more exploration in the content.

With different patterns, the backend side can vary a lot. In the future, it will be difficult to keep users in a long period of time, regardless of the marketing method.

Bao Chunjian: users have established trust in third-party tools.

In the past two years, especially after the impact of the epidemic, both investors and customers have developed an understanding of online platforms and digitization. Now, although the epidemic has gradually subsided, we have been used to online platforms as a supplement, and an indispensable part. In this process, I also feel the trust of teachers and institutions in the online platform, especially in the third-party tools.

Gosling's positioning is mainly to provide enterprises with some lightweight tools. For start-ups, it may provide a more comprehensive tool enabling; for relatively mature enterprises, when some departments incubate new projects, they can also use Gosling to assist and transition.

Bai Yunfeng: technology will bring more innovation opportunities.

In the long run, in k12 education, big class, small class and one-to-one mode will continue to exist. With the improvement of Internet infrastructure, more cross-border technology enterprises will enter to provide services for small, medium and micro education institutions. There are still many opportunities for innovation on how to lower costs, lower cost, provide better experience and higher efficiency. At the same time, the speed of innovation iteration is very important.

In the future, the education industry will continue to diversify, and technical ability will be an important factor in the changes of online and offline education institutions after the epidemic. In the next 5-10 years, technology will bring more innovation and more possibilities and opportunities to entrepreneurs.

三、Value creation of educational enterprises

Luo Jian: improve students' online learning experience.

I think the biggest contribution Spark Thinking has made to the students after its launch in 2018 is to improve their online learning experience. From slides-based teaching mode to interactive game classroom, children's concentration and participation in the classroom, as well as the pleasure and sense of achievement brought by game design after class have been improved. This is the greatest value we think we can create for our children.

Bao Chunjian: enabling entrepreneurial teams and enabling education through tools.

The value of the education industry ultimately needs to be realized through teachers and education enterprises. Gosling focus more on making tools to enable the combination of education and the Internet. In the educational scene, the Internet has brought two main values: one is to change the imbalance of educational resources; the other is to change the relationship between teachers and students, from one-way batch output to more student-centered personalized teaching. We hope that through this product, on the one hand, we can provide more technology benefits for the start-up team and reduce the cost of entrepreneurship; on the other hand, we can make the division of labor of educational institutions more detailed, so that we can create value for the whole education industry with our own specialties.

Bai Yunfeng: promoting educational progress with science and technology

In the past, Good Future has two important values in the past: on the one hand,Good Future hopes to use "love and technology to make education better", and we hope to serve more students through the way of science and technology and more inclusive way. The second is to help and connect more entrepreneurs through the stars of the future, with some excellent enterprises in the education industry and Internet industry, so that they can form network effects, and have the opportunity to achieve faster iteration through their own efforts and mutual help.

There are still many uncultivated and unmodified infrastructures in China's basic education, vocational education and other fields. We hope that more entrepreneurs and innovators can help students better and make the education experience more beautiful by means of technology and products.