Opening Ceremony
Improve Skills in 21st Century with Digital Education
Kibbutzim College of Education, Head of Digital Pedagogy Unit
Dovi Weiss
Cape Town,City of Education Opportunity
Cape Town City Council, Director of General Office
Jemayne Alvira Andrews
Speech by Industry Representative
Cisco China Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch Vertical Development Manager Commercial Segmentation,Great China
Xu Junhai
Artificial Intelligence, Robot Technology and Personnel Training Summit
Research and Interpretation of College Competition Evaluation Rankings and Teachers' Teaching Development Index
The first author of the first prize of national teaching achievement, director of the Engineering Graphics Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education, secretary-general of the Engineering Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Higher Education, and executive vice president and professor of the Robotics Research Institute of Zhejiang University
Lu Guodong
Intelligent Robot Technology and New Engineering Talents Training
Director and Associate Professor of Center for Intelligent Technology and Robot Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Liang Jianhong
Development Trend of Fighting Robot Technology in China and Abroad
Director of Technical Committee of China Intelligent Robot Fighting Competition, Tsinghua University, Professor
Zhang Wenzeng
Intelligent Vehicle Technology Development and Training of Innovative Talents in Automation
Secretary General of Robot Competition Committee of China Automation Society, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Researcher
Wang Jingchuan
Scientific Innovation Workshop
Science and Technology Drive Teaching
CEO of I See Math
Zvi Bezalel Shalem
Finnish Excellent Education
Anne Kaarina Viherkari
My Creative Box Project
Co-founder and CEO of My Creative Box USA
How to teach STEAM in Early Childhood Education?
CEO of Co-founder of Kide Science
Sari Hurme-Mehtälä
Full Scene Pre-school Interactive Education Equipment and Gaming Education Content
Founder and CEO of Xinjue Technology
Lu Haochuan
Become a primary school student together with Roboborik - Online Interactive Course and Animation Project
CEO of Beijing Joy Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Li Yan
Future Learning Development Programmes for K12 and Early Childhood Education
Senior advisor for Education Educational and Cultural Services,City of Oulu,Finland
Eija Ruohomäki
Voice of Educators
Make Children Stronger: Family and Educational Principles in Digital Age
Director of FTHENAKIS Kindergarten,Hangzhou
Sari Irene
Learning Goes Beyond Education
CEO of Dare to Learn, Finland
Henna-Riikka Kristiina
Why the concept of day care and kindergarten in Finland is so popular internationally and how we localize it
Marjaana Suutarinen,CEO of Finland International Education
Marjaana Suutarinen
New Era of STEAM Education
CTO of Piper Hangzhou PAIBI Technology Co., Ltd.,
Robert J. Gold
Future-oriented Learning: 21st Century Skills
Bilingual Teacher, University of Helsinki-Beijing Normal University Teacher Co-training Program
How to Bring Steam into Class
Director of International PD ,Discovery Education
Andrew Tidswell
Digital & AI Era Animation
Japanese Animation Master
Yoshio Okada
How to Promote the Satisfaction of Children's Life and Mental Health
Dr.Adjunct Professor of University of Helsinki
Talvio Kai Markus
Vocational and Higher Education Sharing Session
Italian Talent Strategy: Creating Higher Vocational Education in the Future
Chairman of ITS Foundation
Giorgio Maracchioni
Future Capabilities and Professional Skills in the Digital World
Ph.D,Director of Vocational Education,Tampere region Vocational College Tredu
Outi Maarit Kallioinen
Digital Education Curriculum-Application of Teaching Methods, Design Thinking and Creative Management in Higher Education
CEO of Creative Lab, Israel
Michal Ben-David
Future Education: Pearson Releases Global Learner Survey Report
Vice President of corporate affairs in greater China
Vivian Lv
Science and Technology Drives Youth Education Forum
Happiness and Academic Success
Senior Education Consultant of Finnish Educational and Cultural Service
Maarit Miihkinen
Localization of British EYFS Preschool Education System in China and Sharing of Scientific and Technological Teaching Practice
Head of Preschool Education Research Institute of Eurasia Education Service Ltd.(HK)
Lu Wang
Hangzhou "Better Education" Construction Practice
Chief Principal of Green City Yuhua Education Group
Huang Jianming
Keynote:Science and Technology Drives Youth Education Forum
Chief Principal of Congwen Education Group,Secretary of the Party Committee
Yu Guodi