Connect Education Like Never Before

Time : December 10th-11th,2020

Venue : Hangzhou International Expo Center

Sponsored by: The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Educational Technology Center of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Hangzhou Daily Press Group (Zhejiang Huamei Holding Co., Ltd.)
Undertaken by: Zhejiang Times International Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Educational Equipments Development Co., Ltd., Journal of Youth, Zhejiang Huamai Network Technology Co.,Ltd.
Co-organized by: DingTalk (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Supported by: China Educational Equipment Industry Association, Zhejiang Association of International Digital Trade

The 2020 International (Hangzhou) Digital Education Exhibition (iDEE), following the concepts of "Technique-oriented Teaching", "Intelligent Learning" and "People-centered Teaching", introduces the latest domestic and overseas solutions regarding educational technology, education products and education informatization, shares and exchanges domestic and overseas experience and achievements in promoting digital education, promotes innovation in the personnel training mode, education service mode and education governance mode, facilitates mutual learning, interconnection and exchange of innovative achievements in international digital education, helps the digital reconstruction and transformation of education and drives the high-level construction of "promising education".

"Scientific pedagogy cultivates souls"
Looking ahead, skilled teachers will be in greater demand, and technological innovation will bring about better educational methods and ways.
"People-centered teaching illumes minds"
By education, it is more than teaching utilitarian skills, but developing well-rounded minds.
"Intelligent learning looks into future"
Technological innovation brings more enabling and efficient learning techniques, making education closer and closer to an intelligent and digital future.