Standardizing The Management Of Social Competition Projects Is An Important Measure To Reduce The Heavy Academic Burden Of Primary And Secondary School Students

Release Time:2021.04.02       Source:iDEE Official Accounts

The results of the math Olympiad were once a reference for the junior high school students. In recent years, through standardized management, the Olympic math fever has cooled down, but after a short silence, the new Olympic Games have made a comeback in some places, and parents have flocked to sign up for their children. Many people question whether this represents the loosening of the all-round lottery policy for the promotion of junior high school students, which has just been implemented for one year? Lv Yugang, director general of the Department of basic education of the Ministry of education, said at a news conference held by the State Council Information Office today that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the regulations of free entrance to nearby compulsory education and the policy of "citizens enrolling together", prohibit primary and secondary school enrollment from being linked with any form of social competition, and resolutely cut off this profit chain.

Lv Yugang said that standardizing the management of social competition projects is an important measure to reduce the heavy academic burden of primary and secondary school students. In 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the "measures for the management of social competitions for primary and secondary school students",  which initiated the reviewing of competition items in 2019, and a reduced list was published later. From the original 105 items to 35 items, there has been a significant reduction. In this process, the subject competitions in compulsory education stage have been completely cancelled, and the orientation of quality education has been further highlighted. The existing five Olympic Games are only for senior high school students, not for students in compulsory education stage. In addition, it is emphasized that any competition, including the winning results, shall not be used as the basis for enrollment of primary and secondary schools.

Lv Yugang said that the next step will be to further strengthen the work, focusing on the following three aspects: first, strengthen the competition project management, strictly follow the competition project management norms and the commitment of the organizer, strengthen the whole process management of the competition project, and ensure that the competition project is held in accordance with the law. The second is to seriously investigate and deal with  unregulated competitions. The competition activities that have not passed the examination and approval shall be investigated and dealt with together. Primary and secondary schools and social training institutions are strictly forbidden to organize primary and secondary school students to participate in illegal competition activities. Third, strictly implement the enrollment policy. Last year, the policy of "all citizens enrolling together" was fully implemented in the compulsory education stage, and good results have been achieved. This system should be carried out unswervingly without any change.