Background Information

Meeting information

Date: December 10th-11th,2020

Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center (No. 353, Benjing Avenue, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou)

Register Information

Registration place: Lobby, 3rd floor, Hangzhou International Expo Center

*Please bring your business card to get the iDEE certificate and welcome package (including the Journal)
Transportation Guide


Hangzhou International Expo Center: No. 353, Benjing Avenue, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou

Parking: Enter the underground parking lot at gate 3 of Expo Center from Benjing Avenue


Metro: Line 2 to Qianjiang Century City Station (exit F)

Bus: No. 419 (International Expo Center Station)

Recommended hotels
Level Name and location of hotels Tel.
Economy Hotel

JI Hotel

2.36 kilometers from Expo Center, near Yingfeng Road Subway Station of Metro Line 2


Hangzhou Guozhan Leshi Service Apartment

1 kilometer from Expo Center, Binsheng Road and Yangfan Road Intersection, Binjiang District


Ruili Hotel at Qianjiang Century City

2 km from Expo center, No.1728, Shixin North Road, Ningwei Street, Xiaoshan District


Vienna Hotel

2.5km from Expo Center, No. 467, Guotai Science and Technology Building, Minhe Road, Xiaoshan


Juepin Designer Hotel

1.2km from Expo Center, No. 511, Minhe Road, Qianjiang Century City


Hangzhou Baosheng Daogu Hotel

1.2km from Expo Center, No. 800, Minhe Road, Qianjiang Century City


Ramada Encore Hangzhou Aoti

1.2km from Expo Center, No. 2380, Jinji Road, Qianjiang Century City


Olympic Sports Center Hechang Hilton Huanpeng Hotel

1 km from the Expo Center, No. 208, Feihong Road, Binjiang District


Radisson Hangzhou Qianjiang

1.2 km from Expo center, No.628, Minhe Road, Ningwei Street, Xiaoshan District


Fanyishu Hotel

1 km from Expo center, No.1819, Hongning Road, Ningwei Street, Xiaoshan District


Shengjie Apartment

0.8 km from Expo Center, No.2477, Jinji Road, Xiaoshan District


Hangzhou Aocheng Kaihao Hotel

1.5 km from Expo center, No.548, Yonghui Road, Xiaoshan


North Star Hangzhou International Expo Center Hotel

0.2 km from Expo center, No.353, Benjing Avenue, Xiaoshan District

Food and beverage recommendation
Style of food and beverage Name and location of restaurants
Western Restaurant

Yinxiang western restaurant

73m from the Expo Center, the fifth floor of North Star Hotel


2.7km away from the Expo Center, No. 34, Jiangnan Apartment, Lvchengmingyue, Yueming Road

Chinese restaurant

Linjiang Xiaoyuan

0.8km from Expo Center, No. 301, Building 2, Jiarun Mansion, Ningwei Street

Little Fish Poke

0.8km from Expo Center, 3F, Building 2, Jiarun Mansion, Liyi Road

Beverage shops


Take-out available

imn milk

Take-out available


Take-out available

Note: The above restaurants and beverage shops are recommended for good quality, and the canteen on the second floor of the International Expo Center provides convenience for participants
Nearby places to play

Wansong Academy -- three comments on the ten sceneries of West Lake

Shen Dingyi, also known as Shen Chonghuan, from Zhaodong Changxiang Village in Xiaoshan, is one of the earliest members of the Communist Party of China. He was born in a family of bureaucrats and landlords, known as "San Xiansheng". He was the Xiucai (one who passed the imperial examination at the county level in ancient China) in the 27th year of Guangxu's reign in the Qing Dynasty, and the governor of Guangtong County in Chuxiong Prefecture of Yunnan Province in the 30th year. Later, he was transferred to the General Patrol Office of Wuding Zhizhou and the provincial capital. However, he was forced to study in Japan because he helped the Chinese Alliance to launch the Hekou Uprising and was informed.

Former Residence of Shen Dingyi-A Forgotten Red Scenic Spot

The Academy was built in Zhenyuan period of Tang Dynasty, formerly known as Bao’en Temple. In the 11th year of Hongzhi's reign in the Ming Dynasty, Zhou Mu, Zhejiang's right politician, was converted it into Wansong Academy. It was the gathering place of the largest, longest-lasting and most influential literati in Hangcheng (Hangzhou) during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Wang Yangming, a neo-confucianist of the Ming Dynasty, gave lectures here. It is said that this is the place where Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai study together. The love between Liang and Zhu makes Wansong Academy a marriage place for men and women.