The Happy Ambassador concept

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The Happy Ambassador concept from Finland, The Happiest country in the world! Providing eLearning and eSport Solutions. Have you ever dreamed to see The Northern Lights? Experience them together with The Happy Ambassador no matter what is your location! Happy Ambassador's virtual sporty adventures is a program that focuses on having FUN in a non-competitive environment and building positive relationships. Entertain your kids with the excitement and joy of sporting activities! Sports are fun and provide physical exertion, playful competitiveness, and the joy of teaming. Competition is not always linked with winning - simply being a part of something worthwhile and challenging must be taught is good for the human spirit. For Early Education, our programs are great for any child aged three through eight years old to learn the sports and cultural awareness through unique virtual experiences. The programs uses a fun and engaging approach that encourages skill development. Our goal is to help each child develop gross motor skills, socialization skills and improve self-confidence. Kids are learning cultural awareness from different countries while doing sports and having fun! We enhance and celebrate cultural experiences. It helps us to understand ourselves and those around us by exploring different cultures with Happy Ambassador's fairy adventures. Program uses positive reinforcement and age appropriate activities to guarantee each child is having fun and always looking forward to the next adventure. Each adventure focuses on different country, providing cultural experiences, building bridges between different cultures and respecting the differences. Objectives are new skills and to ensure that all the children are mastering the skills of the adventure. We are raising the first “all-technology” generation. Entertainment is at our kids fingertips 24/7. And herein lies the danger, lack of physical activity. The Happy Ambassador concept is offering fairy tale adventures where tradition meets the latest animation technology. We combine the classics, traditional sports, with fantasy world, stories which are taking you to visit different countries. To learn their culture, to learn their sport activities. We are peace builders bringing cultural awareness and physical wellbeing as an edutaining solution for early education. Each fairy tale adventure also consist physical movement test, to make sure you have learned adventure's sporty movements, which improves motorical skills. Also you learn which muscles are improving in each movement. Program includes country specific healthcare quiz, kids learn from where to get vitamins, which are the most important vitamin sources in each country. There is also quiz of country specific wisdom, to learn basic knowledge from the country. We combine and celebrate joy and happiness. Demos are available in our youtube channel. From well tested service to animation! Hearing, sight, touch and feeling are senses that can be used in learning. We all learn in different ways, some auditory, some visual, tactile, kinesthetic. To pay attention to these sensory modalities teacher need to know about them. Teacher should design teaching so that students can use different senses while studying. This can demand a lot of effort and time. Our materials are designed in that way, so that each child are learning in their own way, as materials promote multisensory learning. Can be used for the whole group. Materials are also well suited for kids with learning disabilities. Includes socioemotional and narrative interactions. Happy Ambassador's Fairy Adventures from well tested service to animation. Dream was to get Happy Ambassador's fairy adventures animated, so that more and more kids could enjoy of them. Fairy adventures has been performed across Finland for years, in kindergartens, children clubs, events, festivals and hospitals. Fairy adventures are well tested and loved by kids and adults. As known it's hard to be on the road and perform, even tho is very rewarding. Animated fairy adventures are made to help teachers, parents and those who work with children to get unique and fun learning experience. Fairy adventures are combining sports, music and fairytale in authentic way, making it multisensory learning experience. Kids are learning soft skills and cultural awareness, while improving their overall wellbeing. Innovative final product is 3D fairy adventures from different countries to move the kids, through Finnish animation-film technology. Even the adults loves to exercise with The Happy Ambassador! For us cultural awareness is matter of heart and to respect differences. We build bridges between different cultures, we are peace builders for the betterment of humanity. Aim is to decrease bullying and increase happiness and safety. We provide Solutions to kindergartens, preschools and healthcare centers to improve motorical skills, soft skills, social emotional learning and overal wellbeing. No one is born hating each another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.", said Nelson Mandela in his autobiography- 'Long Walk to Freedom'. The Happy Ambassador concept for the betterment of our humanity, peace builders between different cultures and religions by providing fairy adventures from different countries with knowledge of cultural awareness and overall wellbing. Wishing You All the Happiness of Life! With Love, Titta and the Amazing Team! Founder of The Happy Ambassador Global Ambassador for Children's Rights.
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