Multi sensory learning

Project Type :Digital education technology


Owned by :The Happy Ambassador concept

Language: English、Finnish

Multi sensory learning is teaching that engage more than one sense at time. Multi sensory activities are based in whole brain learning. Research studies shows that the best way to teach concepts is by involving multiple areas in the brain. All kids can benefit from multi sensory learning, including kids who don't have learning and attention issues. Multi sensory learning can be particularly helpful for kids with learning disabilities. Happy Ambassador activities are combining creativity, sports and music and makes kids enjoy with many senses while they are learning.
We have created fairy adventures, which are funlearning with many senses, to bring to children the fascinating and interesting cultures around the world. Aim is that, children are able to leave classroom with the tools and the skills to enter the world confidently and prepared to engage in this beautifully diverse world we live in. 
Product: Animated 3D animation * Digital Education Service * Be active together with The Happy Ambassador * includes speaks and music * Language: English, possibility for other languages * Duration of one fairy adventure, approx. 15 min. + tests and quizzes * Fun & multisensory learning experience for kids * Suitable for different devices * Suitable for Kindergarten, Kids club, Health centers, Families, K-12
We have also other multisensory learning materials, as teacher’s guide for Early Education.
Unique Fairy Tale Character bringing kids happiness, joy and big dreams, possibility for License contracts for different fiels, e.g. toys, clothing, accessories etc.