KeepLoop mobile microscope

Project Type :Digital education equipment


Owned by :KeepLoop Oy

Language: English、Finnish

KeepLoop mobile microscope is an add-on optics that is attached in front of the camera of a mobile phone or tablet by a magnet. Then the ordinary mobile device camera app can be used to capture microscopic images and videos. These can be shared in social media.  Schools are using KeepLoop in education of biology, chemistry and visual arts.  KeepLoop mobile microscope has very high image quality. It is extremely simple to use, no adjustments needed.  KeepLoop mobile microscope is a small size flat device that is highly portable.
KeepLoop mobile microscope is sold worldwide via its webstore. Schools are using KeepLoop especially in Finland and in Germany.  KeepLoop is also used in industrial quality control and in agriculture.