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BrainCo Inc, an award-winning BCI (Brain Computer Interface) technology company from the Harvard Innovation Lab. BrainCo was founded by a team of world-class scientists from the Harvard Center for Brain Science. BrainCo’s CEO Bicheng Han has been regarded as one of the top 5 innovators in the BCI field alongside Elon Musk. BrainCo is changing the world of elite sports, education, and cognitive performance. Combining expertise in neuroscience, AI, and hardware design BrainCo has built one of the world’s most accurate brainwave sensing devices. Along with specialized software platforms, BrainCo’s technology can improve learning outcomes in school and at home, and the performance of elite level athletes. They are also conducting research on the impact of BCI applications for ADHD and Autism. BrainCo’s Focus products are currently helping U.S. and Chinese Olympic teams improve their mental readiness and manage the stress during high-pressure competitions. BrainCo has achieved international acclaim, winning awards at the International Society for Technology in Education, Forbes AI Everything Conference, and the International Consumer Electronics Show.