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Oulu region has a wide selection of high-quality products and services to offer to the educational world. We have many educational experts, teachers, principals, researchers, and leaders, who are willing to share their knowledge of the Finnish educational field with you!
There are many categories from which to find the most suitable ways for either deepening educational insights or for developing professional competence. We also offer on-line alternatives!
We offer the following Oulu Educational programmes:
●Educational visits to local schools and higher education institutions
○School and kindergarten visits
○Campus tours
○Comprehensive study visits and courses
●Educational events:
○Northern Lights Education Conference
○Midnight Sun Summer School
○Colours and Shadows;  Reflections on Modern Pedagogy
●Short term trainings for competence development for school management & administration
●Short term trainings for competence development for in-service teacher
●Short term trainings for competence development for school operations
●Individual workshops, courses, presentations and lectures
●Consultation (long-term, short-term)

●Summer or winter schools for teacher students
●Pre-service teacher educational degrees, basic and vocational education
●Thematic educational visits for children and young people
Oulu's special strength in the area of educational knowledge is the wide cooperation between different educational organisations in the region. This makes it possible for us to offer comprehensive, tailor-made educational programmes that can include expert sections from early childhood education to primary, secondary, upper secondary, higher and vocational education. Our programmes can include visits to Oulu's modern schools and other facilities and learning environments such as the Oulu University FabLab and Oulu City Library.

We also offer in-depth professional development for teachers and leadership training for school management, and even consultation and local training at your own school or organisation. There are several ways to implement the Oulu Educational Programmes, ranging from actual visits and presentations in Oulu and training and consultation at client’s location to online training and consultation.

Finnish nature and creativity are in focus on the scientific and artistic programmes during the thematic visits for children and young people to Oulu. The group programmes are especially suited for short school excursions, but they can also be fitted in a more extensive camp school or summer school programmes that are organized by several (public or private) providers of educational and free-time content.
The educational organisations participating in the above programmes are City of Oulu Educational and Cultural Services (early childhood education and care, primary, secondary and upper secondary education), University of Oulu, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Educational Consortium OSAO (VET) and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. There are also other educational and training organisations in Oulu and they also can offer educational programmes and training content. PINO Network can connect you with them, too!

About the programme providers:

Oulu, a city of excellent education and vivid cooperation
University of Oulu Extension School. Extension School is a business unit with own staff of over 50 persons and a good amount of contract trainers. Unit consists of several specialists in continuing education with about 100 ongoing projects in Finland and abroad. Furthermore, unit is specialized in language training and international affairs, including education export.
Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in Finland. We educate competent and innovative professionals and do active research and development. We provide bachelor and master degree programme studies, professional specialisation studies, pedagogic studies at the School of Vocational Teacher Education, Open University studies as well as supplementary training.
Educational and Cultural Services of Oulu, Finland has several areas of responsibility: Early childhood education, basic education, upper secondary education and adult education,youth services, sports and leisure services and cultural services.
Educational and Cultural Services of Oulu would like to be an excellent partner for any functioner within the scope of its services. There is a wide interest in the exchange of best practices with other providers of education, youth services, leisure and cultural services.
Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Diak. Diak is Finland’s largest provider of UAS-level education in social work. We also offer education in health care, diaconia and interpreting. According to our students, studying at Diak gives them opportunities to make the world a better place and helps them find their calling and place in the world of work.
Educational Consortium OSAO (VET) is a leading educational community of vocational experts in Finland, providing work life skills and continuous learning. OSAO provides up-to-date education that is in line with needs of work life. OSAO provides all different sectors of vocational education for all age groups.
Finnish educational export is growing rapidly and we want to be part of the success story. OSAO Edu Ltd. arranges education services and visits together with our wide network to all who are interested in Finnish vocational education.