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Owned by :Hangzhou Paibi Technology Co., Ltd

Language: Simplified Chinese、English

With innovative methods, cultivate better interest in learning, stimulate learning enthusiasm, and bring learning results
——My creative box programming education is changing your world

My creative box is the world's leading intelligent education system for children's programming.
The mode of "combination of software and hardware" is created to organically combine programming with electronic and electrical engineering, and visual programming is used to teach hands
Let the students create their understanding, love and creation of programming.
My creative box is the crystallization of many years' painstaking efforts by outstanding programming education experts from China, the United States and Russia.
180 basic components - 2300 expansion components - hardware expansion brings new manual experience
Chinese characteristics + American ideas -- an education system that perfectly integrates the Chinese Education Foundation and the American education logic.
International expert team of China, the United States and Russia.
My creative box has created a global model of steam education.
Through the comprehensive integration of PBL + El teaching methods, steam education can be truly displayed perfectly.
From blockly to Python to C + +, the programming language improves step by step;
From the integration of electronic electrician and software, to the creation of new programming experience;
My creative box, build a complete programming education system
Electrical hardware assembly + systematic programming + key components combination of story and customs clearance mode + 3D printing environment
Through simple code, circuit connection and module, build your own small computer and learn from it.