Oulu University Teacher Training School

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Oulu University Teacher Training School is a unit of the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu, Finland. www.oulu.fi/tts Our history begins from the year 1609 so we are more than 400 years old school. As a UNESCO-school we belong to a global network of schools addressing global challenges: building global citizenship and promoting sustainable development. Our students attend grades 1-12. Our lecturers also mentor 600 student teachers every year during their teaching practice periods. We are involved with several research and development projects with company partners and other faculties from the University of Oulu. We offer in-service training courses for educators. The courses can take place in Finland, abroad (e.g. in China) and online. Online webinars and training courses are designed and produced by the experts of the Oulu University Teacher Training School. We have got a variety of courses available. You can find more information of all online course content from https://tts.oulu.fi/training-programmes/courses.html We offer long-term cooperation and solutions for educators to learn new pedagogical methods and practices. We are also happy to tailor-make a course based on your needs. Please, contact us and we can start to discuss in detail of the training content. A request to the organisers of the 2020iDEE: Oulu University Teacher Training School would like to ask for a possibility to have a webinar, a presentation or a lecture to the participants, please.